Building Relationships With Small Businesses

Small businesses play a key role in today’s economy. These small businesses make up 99.7 percent of US employer firms(, meaning they supply way over half of the jobs seen today. When you support a local business, you add value to that company’s local economy as well as the entire US economy.

The best, and almost only way that small businesses can thrive is if they support one another instead of competing against one another. When a small business supports another small business, they show their customers that the other business is just as trustworthy and of the same quality as their own company is. Small businesses don’t have a lot of room for marketing and cross promotion is free, so when one brand cross promotes the other, they give each other free marketing and representation within their current customer base.

Many small businesses can utilize cross product selling as well. They can offer packages that combine their products in both shops so that both companies profit when a purchase is made. The combination of brands help both company’s customer bases feel connected to the brands. When a company networks with and helps build up another fellow local business, they create the space needed for both businesses to grow and thrive within that community. More small businesses have  become profitable from helping one another out than they have by tearing each other down.

In many cities, small business owners have monthly meetings they can attend to learn about other small businesses they can network with and support throughout their careers. These meetups can often be found by joining a BNI (Business Networking International), on Craigslist, or through social media like MeetUp and Facebook. These meetings bring together local businesses and help them learn the tricks that work for small businesses within the local community. These companies work together to find out what works, and doesn’t work, within their community to bring forward a collective of small businesses that really know how their products will coincide and benefit the customers they are serving.

At Tablio, we use our touchscreen tablets to bring together, local restaurants, local businesses, and local customers so each will individually benefit from the use of the products being promoted. We believe in the benefits small businesses have from working amongst one another instead of against one another, helping each small business grow stronger and better at a time.