How To: Prepare Your Marketing for a Budgeting Audit

Marketing takes up a major part of any company’s budget. Allocating your budget properly is key to running any business correctly. If the budget is spent in areas that it shouldn’t be, the business will fail or be forced to declare bankruptcy. Businesses can only survive if they are making money and not losing or spending all of it in the wrong places.

When looking at your marketing dollars, and how many you have available, you need to account for the entire year’s worth. Spending all of your marketing dollars at one time will not help your company maintain brand representation throughout the year. Maximizing marketing revenue is the best way for your company to grow, and continue to grow, as the budget year progresses. When done correctly, using your marketing dollars in the appropriate times and places will increase your overall marketing budget for years to come.

  1. Look Into Previous Year Spending

Take a look at the previous year, or years, to really understand how your budget was spent previously and what worked and didn’t work. When you learn from your past mistakes, you can make sure they don’t happen again. Reviewing what didn’t work is one of the best ways to grow in the upcoming years.

  1. Evaluate What You Should Drop

Once you know what worked and didn’t work previously, you can decide what you feel will work best for you in the upcoming budget year. Adding new things to the mix is beneficial as well, that way you can see what may work even better for the future. This should be set aside so that you can mix together what’s worked before and what could possibly work in the upcoming year.

  1. Decide What Room You Have For Marketing

Marketing can be expensive, especially print mail marketing. The marketing budget includes everything from digital media to web design to fliers being mailed out. You must decide what you think will work best to draw in the customers that will be loyal to your brand. Your budget must allot for the type of marketing you want to use as well as payroll, office costs, etc. so knowing how much you can dedicate towards marketing is extremely important.

  1. Determine How Much Money to Allocate to Each Marketing Aspect

After you have found which marketing methods will work best for your budget, you’ll need to determine how much each part of that budget will be dispersed to different projects. If you want to do a major print campaign as the beginning of the budget year, but another one at the end, you’ll need to make sure you account for both and save enough money for each one. Without marketing funds, no marketing will be done, so making sure your marketing is dispersed properly will give your company a higher chance at being successful later on.