Being Funny While Out of Office

Vacation is a time when employees get to check out from their job, unwind, and rest so that they can come back to work refreshed and prepared to work! Without vacations, employees struggle to remain focused while they are working. Vacations allow for the employee to spend a moment focusing on anything other than their work duties.

When an employee working in retail takes a vacation, the other employees step in and fill their spot. It is much easier to cover an employee when you are doing the same job than when you are doing other jobs. For those employees who have their own role within the company, it is more difficult for the employee to have their job covered and they often need to leave an out of office message on their phone and email. Customers don’t enjoy receiving an “out of office” message as much as the employee likes to change their settings to “out of office”. Out of office means that the employee is away and will not respond to that customer until they are back.

The best way to make a customer feel comfortable with receiving an out of office message is to be funny. Humor makes every situation lighter.

A recent blog from Hubspot gave fifteen ways to make your out of office message funny. The three funniest methods we found were:

  1. The Not-So-Tropical Getaway

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 8.02.36 PM.png

In this out of office message, Stevan is humorous about being stuck in the snow over the holiday. This brings humor to his customers because they can feel his pain. It’s a great way to let your customers know that even though you are having fun, you are also struggling in the snow.

  1. The Blunt Approach

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 8.02.48 PM.png

In this example, Josh is very blunt about his vacation and not wanting to be interrupted. He also makes light of his wife wanting him to disconnect, a common thing for wives to do. In his last sentence, he says “I’ll respond when I return…” giving off that he will not be responding to anything until his return.

  1. The Thankfulness Template

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 8.03.13 PM
The last example makes humor about being gone over Thanksgiving Weekend. The employee gives a list of ten things they are grateful for at work. Although most people are off for Thanksgiving, some may not be, and receiving this message feels lighthearted and funny to those who unfortunately aren’t on Thanksgiving break.