Five Office Appropriate Marketing Costumes to Wear on Halloween

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is next week! This year feels as if it has flown by, and the holiday season is already here. Fall has been here for a month now, all of the leaves are falling off the trees, and you can feel the holiday buzz everywhere you go.

As Halloween approaches, most of wonder what costumes are work appropriate and how to be the best dressed in the office. Some companies even offer bonuses for those who wear the best or most creative costume!

We’ve come up with five office appropriate costumes to wear to work that all relate to marketing:

  1. Adobe Creative Suite

This costume is great for those who work in marketing, graphic design, or social media management – like us at Tablio. This costume requires a big group as each person will dress up as one program. For this costume, grab your group of coworkers and have everyone wear all black. The next step is to cut black pieces of paper and colored pieces of paper and tape them together to make the logos for each program. These logos can be attached to black string and worn around the neck. When the whole group is together, you’ll have the entire Adobe Creative Cloud.

  1. Facebook

This is the easiest costume of them all! For this costume, you can wear anything you would normally wear. The only difference that you’ll make about yourself is writing the word “Book” across your face in black marker, or eyeliner, the marker may last longer than you intend. When people ask why you have the word book written across your face you can laugh and say “It’s because I’m Facebook!”

  1. Pantone Swatches

This costume is another group costume so you’ll want to get a majority of the office in on it. For this costume, each coworker will need to decide which pantone swatch they want to dress us as and wear that color as a shirt with black pants. The next step in this costume is to get two pieces of white cardboard or construction paper, big enough to cover your torso. On the white paper, you’ll color most of it the same color as the swatch you want to dress up as and leave a white strip across the very bottom where you’ll write the name and number of the swatch in black ink. Once this is done, you can attach the two pieces of cardboard together using a string and wear them around your neck. Don’t forget to take a group picture!

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