How To: Get Customers to Leave Positive Reviews

Customer reviews are one of the most important marketing pieces your business can have. A good word from others can speak measures about your company. As a new customer of a business or someone with interest in a company, the reassurance from others that the company is a good company to do business with can be very encouraging for an individual to follow through with their actual purchase. The hard part is getting your customers to leave positive reviews, it’s tedious, time-consuming, and they don’t really benefit from it. So the question is, how do you get your customers to write a review for you?

A recent blog from Hubspot, 10 Strategies to Promote Positive Customer Reviews for Your Brand of Business, shared the best ways to get your customers to leave reviews. In the blog, the author states “That also means that, in order for businesses to grow in today’s competitive, online-first marketplace, they need happy customers sharing positive reviews of their experiences in order to even get visitors coming to their site for the first time.” Positive reviews are key to a business’s overall success.

Three ways to get your customers to leave a positive review are:

  1. Give them an incentive

Offering a discount, or a free item, to those who leave a review is the number one way to get your customers to leave a review. When they get something out of it, they’ll be more inclined to do it.

  1. Provide amazing customer service

Another great way for you to get reviews from your customers is to provide amazing customer service from the get-go. Word of mouth travels fast, so when you provide excellent customer service, your current customers will tell the people they know, who will tell the people they know, and so on. When you provide great customer service, you give your company a reputation it needs to have the word travel around quickly.

  1. Connect your review sites to your website

With your review websites (like Yelp, Google Review, etc.) connected to your actual website, you can refer your customers directly to leave a review straight from your website. Companies do this by having a sidebar or lower bar on their website that directs the customer to where they should go to leave a review. Having the “leave a review” option so accessible makes it easy for the customer and more susceptible to leave one.