Trending Technology in Portland

Tablio is not the only company bringing trending technology to the Portland area. There are quite a few companies bringing out new age technology to solve problems for many locals in Portland.

The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.”

– John Lasseter



Tablio is changing the way local businesses connect through modern technology. They started in Portland, Oregon and relocated to Vancouver, Washington a year ago. The company offers touch screen tablets to local restaurants for guest entertainment. In addition, they display advertising for local businesses in the surrounding area to spread the word. Using technology to bring locals together is key for their business.

Safi Water Works

Safi Water Works is a new startup created by Paul Berg, who recently helped treat water in Uganda. His new startup used modern day technology to create a system that filters water while a bicycler rides their bike. The bicycler fills the bike’s treatment system, rides their bikes for one minute, and gets safe drinking water. Paul used technology to better the health of individuals without access to water.


Many people in Portland don’t have vehicles. Car2Go found a solution to this. Car2Go offers cars that drivers can pay to drive from one location to the other. The drivers get access to a car only when they need one instead of having to take other means of public transportation. This company uses technology to help locals get around safer and faster.