Benefits of Using Our Products

The mission behind our business is:

All individuals deserve a second chance and with perseverance and self growth, anything is possible. We don’t stop until we’re where we want to be, and then we push even farther. For us, there is no limit to our personal, professional, and sales skills, we improve everyday; and we aim to do the same for our clients. Our growth comes from within, the motivation in ourselves and our coworkers working alongside us.”

Together, we unify local restaurants, customers, and businesses. We mutually benefit each sector by using one universal product to bring satisfaction to all three sectors.

Our products benefit restaurants by helping them keep up with bigger chain restaurants who are already using touch screen tablets to display menus, entertain guests, and process payment. Our tablets mainly display menus and drink specials, host games and social media apps, and promote local businesses in the area. We offer these tablets free to the restaurants so that they can enjoy the ability of being a tech-savvy restaurant while also keeping costs down.

Our products benefit the customers by providing entertainment in local restaurants while the customer is waiting for their food. These tablets allow for the customer to check their social media pages, search the web, and write yelp reviews of the restaurant while they are right there in the restaurant. The customers can also see drink specials and menu items while waiting for their waitress. And these tablets show local businesses in the surrounding area the customers might also be interested in, letting them find out about businesses they may not already know.

Our products benefit local businesses by giving them an additional way of raising awareness about their brand. These tablets display digital banners of different local businesses, designed by our in-house graphic design team, that hyperlink to their website. Through using these digital banners, we are able to build and track SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using Google Analytics. These banners can bring the customers straight to a landing page where they can shop or create a warm lead list to build business for the brand being displayed. They are a great way to get a local businesses names out there and interacted with.

We set goals for all of our clients and synergize to get results for all sectors involved. Through consistent hard work, we mutually benefit local restaurants, customers, and businesses.