Why Advertise Locally? – Vancouver, WA

Tablio, an advertising agency based in Vancouver, Washington, is all for advertising locally. We use our touch screen tablets to advertise local businesses in local restaurants. Connecting locals brings a community together and encourages money earned locally to be spent locally.

We think local advertising is beneficial to local businesses because:

The Audience is More Relevant

Your advertisement is shown in front of locals already spending their money locally. When you stay local, your audience is local. This means your advertisement is being seen by people around you, who may eventually need your service if they don’t right away.

Community Recognition

Staying in your local community when advertising will you give you recognition within your community. Depending on how small and close-knit your community is, the quicker the recognition will spread.

Imagine having your advertisement for your HVAC company displayed in a local family restaurant close to a church. One sunny Sunday afternoon, Peggy Sue and Maggie May are chatting after church. Maggie mentions that her air condition broke the night before. She didn’t know who to call to have it fixed. Peggy Sue stops by the family restaurant on her way home from church to have lunch with her husband and kids and sees your ad on the tablet sitting on their table. She texts Maggie May the number of your HVAC company and you get a deal. Just like that.

Word-of-mouth Helps

After your first happy customer, that found you on the tablets, refers you, the recognition will spread like wildfire. Spending money locally on people they trust makes people happy. With the right advertisement, your company is one step away from gaining more traction in their local community.

Tablio is a tablet provider to over 1,000 restaurants in the US. We offer advertising on the tablets to businesses local to the restaurant.