Nate Kudlich

Nate Kudlich, 27, has been a graphic designer with Tablio since February 2017. He’s originally from Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in Seattle, moving to Philadelphia to start design school and then Portland to escape the snow. He grew up in a creative house but his initial artistic influence was his grandfather, a professional oil painter, who designed several years worth of posters for the America’s Cup, a global yacht race held annually. Initially, he wanted to design skate parks because he wanted to make better ones than those he grew up around but was shifted towards designing skateboards and graphics given the broad spectrum of companies and aesthetics. Nate has been working in graphic design for four years and has his bachelor’s in graphic design from the Art Institute of Portland. His favorite designers are Todd Bratrud and Don Pendleton, both accomplished designers/artists in skateboarding. His favorite projects typically revolve around music, skateboarding, and auto industries. He feels that good design consists of well-designed images that come together naturally.

Iuliia Kolesnikova

Iuliia, 30, native Russian, has been working at Tablio since December 2018. Iuliia grew up in Khimki, Moscow Region. She’s been enjoying art since childhood and tried herself in a wide range of traditional arts such as watercolor painting, drawing, bead jewelry, and embroidery. She spent many weekends in Moscow art museums with her parents and surprisingly for a child, she wasn’t bored. Her favorite artists are Alphonse Mucha,  Ivan Aivazovsky, Arkhip Kuindzhi, and Claude Monet. Her other passion is in information technology. She holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Russian State University of Trade and Economics in 2011. Iuliia had been working as an IT technical support specialist for 6 years before she moved to the USA. Iuliia recently moved to Portland from Moscow, Russia, and decided to explore digital design as a profession. This new profession became a golden mean for Iuliia as the union of traditional art and digital technology. She thinks that the clue to the good design is in Harmony and the Balance.