Why Advertise Locally? – Vancouver, WA

Tablio, an advertising agency based in Vancouver, Washington, is all for advertising locally. We use our touch screen tablets to advertise local businesses in local restaurants. Connecting locals brings a community together and encourages money earned locally to be spent locally. We think local advertising is beneficial to local businesses because: The Audience is More […]

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Trending Technology in Portland

Tablio is not the only company bringing trending technology to the Portland area. There are quite a few companies bringing out new age technology to solve problems for many locals in Portland. “The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.” – John Lasseter   Tablio Tablio is changing the way local businesses […]

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Being Funny While Out of Office

Vacation is a time when employees get to check out from their job, unwind, and rest so that they can come back to work refreshed and prepared to work! Without vacations, employees struggle to remain focused while they are working. Vacations allow for the employee to spend a moment focusing on anything other than their […]

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Hyper-Local Marketing – Why It’s Important

Hyper-local marketing: a form of super targeted and niche marketing. (HIghervisability.com) Hyper-local marketing is marketing relevant to the very closest companies around a company. This method of marketing draws in relevant customers and builds relationships with like brands to make connections that continue on for years to come. Hyper-local marketing is important for companies that […]

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